Here you will find links to the School of Instructor Education website and their Facebook page. In addition, links to interesting videos or websites related to Adult Learning are provided. – School of Instructor Education website – School of Instructor Education Facebook page – School of Instructor Education YouTube channel – my PIDP 3100 learning partner Amie’s blog! – blog post about the changes in online higher education – International Society for Self-Directed Learning – a research site for educators – the difficulties in transferring courses from Blackboard to Moodle – An alternative to YouTube with a more educational focus – a comedy video about student name pronunciation (warning: minor language) – a website to learn about the latest research on personalized learning –  a video to teach educators how to include voice recording, QR codes, and Google Docs into their classrooms – the seven myths of instructional rigour

PIDP 3250 classmates blogs –  Rajdeep Dhadli –  Naveen Jit – Daniel Gunn – Harjit Dosanjh – Henry Stavast

PIDP 3260 classmates blogs – Chrissy Wastrom – Garmia Kamboj – Sharan Manhas


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