Here you will find links to the School of Instructor Education website and their Facebook page. In addition, links to interesting videos or websites related to Adult Learning are provided. – School of Instructor Education website – School of Instructor Education Facebook page – School of Instructor Education YouTube channel

The following wiki about eLearning tools was developed by myself and Carla Fulton.

The following blog post lists the fourteen best practices for teaching online and their applications to business mathematics courses. – my PIDP 3100 learning partner Amie’s blog! – blog post about the changes in online higher education – International Society for Self-Directed Learning – a research site for educators – the difficulties in transferring courses from Blackboard to Moodle – An alternative to YouTube with a more educational focus – a comedy video about student name pronunciation (warning: minor language) – a website to learn about the latest research on personalized learning –  a video to teach educators how to include voice recording, QR codes, and Google Docs into their classrooms – the seven myths of instructional rigour

PIDP 3250 classmates blogs –  Rajdeep Dhadli –  Naveen Jit – Daniel Gunn – Harjit Dosanjh – Henry Stavast

PIDP 3260 classmates blogs – Chrissy Wastrom – Garmia Kamboj – Sharan Manhas


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