The Importance of Lifelong Learning as an Instructor

This blog entry is a summary of a length entry I made about the need for continuing education. It helps paint a picture about the importance of lifelong learning as an instructor.

From previous PIDP courses, I have learnt that adult learning is an ongoing process that does not end when you graduate. Knowledge gained in the classroom evolves over time and it is important to acquire this newly produced knowledge in order to accomplish your goals in your career. One way to gain new knowledge is to be involved in some form of continuing education.

As a technology instructor, I need to be continuously involved in learning about the latest innovations and trends in my field. I also strive to continuously improve my teaching to better both my students and colleagues. I can give my students some insight into how their educational lives are changing and assure them that they will continue to learn in the workplace to stay competitive in their industry. The new knowledge I gain can also be used to benefit my colleagues.

I need to be involved in continuous learning to be an effective instructor. There is always the danger of falling so far behind in your knowledge that you become an outsider at work, unable to provide suitable insight and experiences with your co-workers. This is a path I will always strive to stay away from.

I will always be aware of how the material I teach and how my students’ needs are changing. After I complete my BC Provincial Instructor Diploma, my adventure in adult learning will be far from over. I look forward to seeking new knowledge and applying it within the classroom to benefit myself, students, and colleagues.



About simoncrothers

I am an Australian who moved to British Columbia, Canada with my family in 1998. After completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics and computing science at Simon Fraser University, I moved back to Australia for several years. During this time I completed a Masters in Computational Mathematics and began my teaching career in mathematics at the University of New South Wales. In 2010, I moved back to Canada and taught computer science at Douglas College for three years. I am currently regular faculty in the Computer Business Systems department at KPU. I have also taught some courses in the Business and Quantitative Methods department at KPU. In my spare time I like to spend time with my wife Jami, who I met in Australia, our three year old daughter Lillian, and our newly born son Aiden. I also like to indulge in the occasional video game and I am involved in various self-employed web development projects.
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