Interpreting my Teaching Perspective Inventory

The Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) helps teachers collect their thoughts and summarize their ideas about teaching ( My results are shown below.


The five columns are transmission, apprenticeship, developmental, nurturing, and social reform. My highest column is transmission. This definitely matches my personality, since I always want to take the optimal approach to solve a problem. It appears that I lack nurturing and social reform in my teaching, but since I mainly teach how to use computer software I don’t see this as a huge issue. Maybe I could be a little nicer to students…

My dominant perspectives are transmission, apprenticeship, and developmental. These perspectives align with my beliefs and the content of the material I teach. My beliefs, intentions, and actions are roughly equal across all perspectives except for transmission. This is interesting since transmission is my most dominant perspective. I can see that I’m definitely acting on what I believe in regards to my problem-solving approaches, however my teaching is not up to par. This is definitely something I am going to work on.

My intentions are also the lowest among all categories. This is difficult to comprehend. Perhaps my passion in the subject matter is lacking. Indeed, my background and passion is mathematics yet I am teaching how to use computer software. I definitely agree with all these results and it would be interesting to discuss these with other colleagues.


About simoncrothers

I am an Australian who moved to British Columbia, Canada with my family in 1998. After completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics and computing science at Simon Fraser University, I moved back to Australia for several years. During this time I completed a Masters in Computational Mathematics and began my teaching career in mathematics at the University of New South Wales. In 2010, I moved back to Canada and taught computer science at Douglas College for three years. I am currently regular faculty in the Computer Business Systems department at KPU. I have also taught some courses in the Business and Quantitative Methods department at KPU. In my spare time I like to spend time with my wife Jami, who I met in Australia, our three year old daughter Lillian, and our newly born son Aiden. I also like to indulge in the occasional video game and I am involved in various self-employed web development projects.
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