How to fix sound issues with Windows 8 and VLC media player

Are you a Windows 8 user having trouble viewing video files? Let me share an experience I have had. I use VLC media player to play my video files. It is an amazing piece of software that supports a vast array of video types. Recently a new Windows 8 update came around that rendered my VLC media player useless. I could watch video but with no sound. I tried other media players such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime, and DivX and encountered similar problems. Many experts suggest updating to the latest drivers for your hardware but I have a different approach. Try rolling back your drivers to a previous version. It worked for me! You can do this using Device Manager which can be found in the Control Panel. My sound driver is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and I rolled it back to version 6.10.6417.0. Let me know in the comments about similar problems you have encountered.


About simoncrothers

I am an Australian who moved to British Columbia, Canada with my family in 1998. After completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics and computing science at Simon Fraser University, I moved back to Australia for several years. During this time I completed a Masters in Computational Mathematics and began my teaching career in mathematics at the University of New South Wales. In 2010, I moved back to Canada and taught computer science at Douglas College for three years. I am currently regular faculty in the Computer Business Systems department at KPU. I have also taught some courses in the Business and Quantitative Methods department at KPU. In my spare time I like to spend time with my wife Jami, who I met in Australia, our three year old daughter Lillian, and our newly born son Aiden. I also like to indulge in the occasional video game and I am involved in various self-employed web development projects.
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